Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) as a proactive tool for families and advocates

Increasing treatment opportunities to help loved ones living with mental illness

Friday, December 16, 2022
12:00 - 1:00 pm

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**Please note: The complete question and answer guide is in process and will be shared as soon as possible. If you have additional questions about AOT, please submit them to the FAQ page.** 

How does AOT work? Is AOT right for my loved one? How will AOT increase the likelihood that my loved will participate in treatment? Will AOT increase the likelihood that my loved one will have access to appropriate services? What are the legal ramifications and how can I support my loved one? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed during this webinar focused on how family members and advocates can navigate the AOT process and support individuals who are under AOT orders.

Scott Smith, Ph.D., CBHJ, will provide a brief history of AOT while demystifying the process and legal ramifications. Wayne County's Sojourner Jones will present AOT treatment options and address common challenges, solutions and resources for supporting loved ones. We will then be joined by Chavonne Taylor, an individual with lived experience who has gone through the AOT process, and Hon. Milt Mack, State Court Administrative Office administrator emeritus for a panel discussion and live Q&A. The Q&A panel will be facilitated by Kevin Fischer, executive director of NAMI Michigan. 

Although this webinar is focused on addressing questions and concerns of family members and advocates, we encourage individuals, clinicians, and others engaged in the AOT system of care to attend and ask questions.


Headshot of Scott Smith

Scott Smith, Ph.D.
Consultant, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice

headshot of Sojourner Jones

Sojourner Jones
Community/Law Enforcement Liaison, Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network

headshot of Chavonne Taylor

Chavonne Taylor
Individual with Lived Experience

headshot of Hon. Milt Mack

Hon. Milton Mack Jr. (ret.)
Chair, Mental Health Diversion Council
SCAO Administrator Emeritus

headshot of Kevin Fischer

Facilitated by:
Kevin Fischer
Executive Director, NAMI Michigan


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