Assisted Outpatient Treatment orders and the Court

The Court's role in providing a practical approach to effective mental health treatment

Wednesday, June 29, 2022
12:30 - 1:30 pm

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This webinar was focused on learning how Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) orders and the leadership of the civil court can help interrupt the cycle of repeat hospitalizations and incarcerations for people with serious mental illness. Many individuals living with serious mental illness experience symptoms that prevent them from recognizing they need help, and do not comply with outpatient treatment. AOT is a legal mechanism for providing outpatient treatment to individuals living with SMI whose non-compliance places them at risk for suicide, violent behavior, substance misuse, frequent hospitalization and recurring incarceration. The court's oversight role provides structured accountability for both the community treatment provider and the individual under an AOT order. Webinar panelists included innovative leaders with expertise in implementing AOT programs dedicated to improving the lives of people with SMI.


headshot of Judge Milton Mack

Hon. Milton Mack Jr. (ret.)
Chair, Mental Health Diversion Council
SCAO Administrator Emeritus

headshot of Samuel Olson

Samuel Olson
Probate Register, Genesee County Probate Court

headshot of Judge Freddie G. Burton Jr.

HonFreddie G. Burton Jr.,
Chief Judge, Wayne County Probate Court

Headshot of Scott Smith

Facilitated by:
Scott Smith, Ph.D.
Consultant, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice



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