AOT and Emergency Departments training modules:

Completing the petition for AOT: Guidance for emergency departments

Headshot of Judge Milt MackPresented by: 
Scott Smith, Ph.D.
Consultant, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice

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This training by Scott Smith, Ph.D., is designed to instruct medical professionals in hospital emergency rooms in how to complete form PCM 201, 'Petition for mental health treatment'. Use the chapters in the video for detailed instructions and best practices on how to fill out each item of the petition in emergency room settings.

Implications of assisted outpatient treatment for emergency departments from a legal perspective

Headshot of Judge Milt MackHeadshot of Judge Milt MackA conversation between Hon. Milton L. Mack, Jr. (Chair, Mental Health Diversion Council; Administrator Emeritus, State Court Administrative Office) and Scott Smith, Ph.D. (Consultant, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice).

In this training, Scott Smith sits down with Judge Mack to talk about the implications of assisted outpatient treatment for emergency departments from a legal perspective. Topics include obligations of emergency departments, updates to the mental health code, and what emergency departments can expect from providers and courts.

Effects of assisted outpatient treatment on emergency department use

In this training, Scott Smith, Ph.D., sits down with: Sean Field (Summit Pointe of Calhoun County), Jennifer Kimmel (Genesee Health System), and Sojourner Jones (Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network) across the state  to discuss how emergency departments and treatment providers can collaborate through assisted outpatient treatment and what effects effective AOT programs can have on emergency departments. 

Sean Field, Ph.D
Clinical Director, Summit Pointe, Calhoun County

Jenny Kimmel
AOT Supervisor, Genesee Health System, Genesee County

Sojourner Jones
Community/Law Enforcement Liaison, Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, Wayne County

Scott Smith, Ph.D. 
Consultant, Center for Behavioral health and Justice


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