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January 2023


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CareConnect360 (CC360) is a web application that contains Medicaid data for physical and behavioral health services. Developed and owned by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), CC360 was created with the goal of improving coordination of care for Medicaid beneficiaries by providing a platform for cross-system information to be accessed.

Reducing liability for jails through access to medical history

Jails that implement CC360 will gain access to important medical history which can help identify chronic health conditions that may require prompt attention by the jail healthcare team. The information that can be accessed in CC360 includes:

  • Physical, behavioral, and dental health
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Recent hospital admissions
  • Prescription medications

How to use CC360 within a jail

CC360 is best implemented in partnership with jail booking personnel and the jail healthcare team. Jail booking personnel will locate an individual and add them to their CC360 population, which is a roster of individuals who are Medicaid beneficiaries within the jail. Once an individual has been added, jail healthcare staff can use the CC360 app to access important medical history. After an individual is released from jail, jail healthcare staff will remove them from the CC360 jail roster. Both jail personnel and healthcare staff can add individuals to their CC360 jail roster; however, only healthcare staff will have access to Protected Health Information (PHI). If a jail is willing to share data with MDHHS, the process of adding and removing individuals to their CC360 jail roster can be automated to eliminate these steps.

Future system improvements

Access to substance use disorder (SUD) data: A new user role will soon be available to healthcare staff to access information about an individual's SUD history. Access to this information will help jail healthcare staff ensure SUD treatment needs are met while an individual is in jail.

Risk indicator: When jail booking personnel add an individual to their CC360 jail population, the jail healthcare team will be alerted if that individual has a medium to high-risk health condition. The intent of the risk indicator tool is to increase earlier medical intervention and decrease liability for the jail.

For more information, contact Improving Care for Justice Involved Patients (ICJIP) by email or visit the website.