Nanci Hambrick

Nanci Hambrick

Wayne County initiative Manager, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice

Nanci Hambrick


Nanci joined the jail diversion evaluation team at Michigan State University in February 2017 while completing her master's in social work at Wayne State University. Nanci brings a unique perspective to the team having worked for over 20 in the field of finance prior to earning her master's. Combining her business background with a macro social work degree, Nanci brings experience in strategic planning, systems analysis, qualitative interviewing, team-building, and project evaluation. Always interested in problem-solving, Nanci loves the unique challenge of working with communities to build collaborative relationships and work towards common social justice goals.


Nanci serves as manager for the Wayne County initiative at the Center for Behavioral Health and Justice. She leads and coordinates all CBHJ grants and projects centered in Detroit and Wayne County to optimize collaboration and enhance communication across partner agencies.

Degrees and Certifications

  • M.S.W., Wayne State University
  • Human Services Management Certificate
  • B.S., Philosophy and Urban Studies, Wheaton College



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