Leonard Swanson

Leonard Swanson

Crisis Policy Manager, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice

Expert in mobile crisis, co-response, crisis intervention teams, post-overdose response models, and the Sequential Intercept Model Practices Leadership and Expertise (SIMPLE) Scorecard


Leonard Swanson


Leonard joined the CBHJ team in February 2017 while completing his master's in social work at Wayne State University. His interest in macro social work led him to the confluence of broken mental health and criminal justice systems, which became too convoluted and captivating to ignore. His contributions to the work of the CBHJ include the development of the SIMPLE Scorecard (Sequential Intercept Model Practices, Leadership, and Expertise) to assess behavioral health and justice systems and the creation of the PROACT model (Proactive Response to Overdose and Appropriate Connections to Treatment) in collaboration with emergency medical services and behavioral health agencies to facilitate post-overdose response programs across Michigan. Leonard has presented his work at the Society for Social Work Research, the CIT International Conference, and various local Michigan behavioral health and justice conferences.


Leonard serves as manager for the crisis policy initiative at the Center for Behavioral Health and Justice. He leads grants and projects focused on crisis reimbursement structures, crisis program model fidelity, and system-level performance metrics.

Degrees and Certifications

  • M.S.W., Wayne State University
  • B.A., Religious Studies, University of Oregon

Awards and Honors

  •  2023 Crisis Intervention Teams International Researcher of the Year


Swanson, L., Nelson, V., Comartin, E.B. et al. (2023). Assessing County-Level Behavioral Health and Justice Systems with the Sequential Intercept Model Practices, Leadership, and Expertise Scorecard. Community Ment Health J 59, 578–594. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10597-022-01042-5

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Comartin, E. B., Swanson, L., & Kubiak, S. (2019). Mental health crisis location and police transportation decision: the impact of crisis intervention team training on crisis center utilization. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 35(2), 241-260.


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