Danielle Lenz

Danielle Lenz

Senior Project Coordinator, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice


Danielle Lenz


Danielle joined the Center for Behavioral Health and Justice in 2019. She is a first-generation college graduate, graduating from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in May 2020. She has research experience in the fields of social psychology and substance use.


Danielle serves as a senior project coordinator for the Opioid Treatment Ecosystem initiative. She serves as the primary liaison within counties, navigating relationships between systems and county partners - including community mental health, county jail, probation/parole, courts, peer supports, and first responders - and implements evaluation design including data collection, surveys, interviews, and focus groups. She also coordinates the implementation of naloxone vending machines across the state. As a senior coordinator, Danielle provides mentorship to other coordinators and participates in the development of reports and proposals.

Degrees and Certifications

 B.S., Psychology, Wayne State University

Research Interests

Her current research interests include predictors of injection drug use and harm reduction, and the intersection of polysubstance use and mental health. Danielle is passionate about social justice and destigmatizing substance use.


The person behind the program: A comprehensive look at individuals receiving mentak health and opioid use treatment services in correctional settings. "Driving the Change from Within," Community Mental Health Association of Michigan Summer Conference. June, 2022

Connecting communities to build jail-based opioid use disorder treatment programs. "Evaluation With People, Not For People," Michigan Association for Evaluation Annual Conference. May, 2023



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