Amani El-Edlebi

Amani El-Edlebi

Data Assistant, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice

Amani El-Edlebi


Amani El-Edlebi joined the Center of Behavioral Health and Justice in October 2020 as a Data Assistant. Amani graduated in May 2020 from Wayne State University with her bachelor’s in social work and is now pursuing a dual graduate degree in social work (MSW) and public health (MPH) at WSU. As an undergraduate, Amani conducted research with faculty in a developmental lab within WSU’S Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child and Family Development and engaged in program evaluation efforts including the development of program databases and manuals.
Amani’s interest in social work and the criminal justice system began through her community work at a local grassroots organization that focused on empowering men living in an urban environment. She also engages in policy change community groups where the focus is on advocating for legal and policy changes in Michigan that adversely affect men and their ability to be actively involved with children and families.


Amani assists in the entry, coding, cleaning, conditioning, and analysis of multiple data sets from jails, courts, and state-level agencies. In addition to these data responsibilities, she also assists in the writing of manuscripts and reports.

Degrees and Certifications

  •  B.S.W., Wayne State University

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