headshot of Judge Freddie G. Burton Jr.



"Sending citizens with behavioral health and substance use disorders through the revolving doors of jails, courts and hospitals must stop!! The only way to make effective change is through collaboration. Joined by the Wayne County Jail/Mental Initiative, more than 80 stakeholders including government, healthcare systems, mental health providers, the judiciary, law-enforcement, local foundation and academia are dedicated to the removal of the stigma of mental illness and the joint delivery of humane, thoughtful care services."

- Honorable Freddie G. Burton, Jr. 
  Chief Judge, Wayne County Probate Court



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"The benefits of AOT not only affect the individual who has a mental illness but the entire community. When individuals are able to get care outside of a hospital or jail setting the focus is on getting better not "getting out." Society wins when we come together to help those in need, who in turn reach back and help someone else."

- Kristina Morgan
  Liason Manager, Behavioral Health Unit 

  Wayne County Probate Court


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